Customer feedback is a huge part of any business. They help new customers gain trust in doing business with us and the feedback we receive from past customers is used to help us continually improve how we do business. So please take the time to view what some of our customers have to say about us. If we have already had the pleasure of doing business with you, PLEASE take the time to fill out our review form to share your feedback!

  • "Frank was so helpful with a small problem I had with my portable vacuum. He took the time and effort to discover the issue and he fixed it. Heís a genius! And knowledgeable for sure. When I need a new vacuum I will purchase from Barrie Vacuums. Thank you Frank for your help. Small and local businesses like Barrie Vacuums are the best for sure!"

    Diane West

  • "Hands down, the most knowledgable and honest people I have dealt with in ages. They really restore your faith in humanity. Help me troubleshoot my central vac, over the phone. Didn't try pushing a bunch of unnecessary and costly options. They just fixed my problem. I will never go anywhere else for vacuum biz. If you're in southern Ontario, make the trip. It'll save you money, no matter what gas is at."

    Greg Bennett

  • "Mark and Frank are the best! Repaired my vacuum with a replacement piece supplied by them. Within 10 minutes I was on my way and Mark insisted that I not pay for part or labour! This is SERVICE that you donít see anymore! Iíll be back to buy my next unit here! "


  • "You'd have to give a choice of 7 gold stars to rate the service provided to me by Mark, with whom I arranged everything for repair of my Electrolux Lux Legacy, and Frank. They saved my having to purchase a new, expensive vacuum for now, but when that option presents itself, I will look forward to dealing only with Barrie Vacuums Plus. Many, many thanks for your amicable, professional help. I appreciate you !!"


  • "Frank just installed a new DuoVac 'Sensa' power unit. He was punctual, polite, professional & efficient! In addition the vacuum is works just as advertised- great. Thank you."


  • "My old central vac motor burnt out during this time of covid 19 closures. After much internet searching I found your shop was open for internet business. I just wanted to thank you for being able to take my order for the vacuum motor and getting it so quickly in these weird times. It was a quick and easy replacement for me and has been working perfectly. Again, thank you for being there."


  • "I purchased a Central Vacuum from these guys about 3-4 years ago. For the first time, I thought something was either stuck in my hose or line in my house. I went into the store and my problem was solved within minutes. They graciously fixed what was blocking my house free of charge and sent me on my way. I was very impressed with their customer service and will be back for any of my vacuum needs!"


  • "Brought my central vacuum beater bar in for repair. It was missing a wheel leaving it off balance. Store clerk pop a new wheel in and it was back in operation at no charge. Polite and pleasant to deal with. "


  • "We researched central vacuums to replace the ancient one that came with our newly purchased house, and tried to find someone to install one for us to absolutely no luck. We finally stopped by Barrie Vacuums, got a perfect suggestion on which central vacuum to purchase (we got a DuoVac Star), a reasonably priced install that was shortly in the future. This was nearly a year ago, and our central vacuum has absolutely blown me away -- it's one of the best things we've bought for the house."

    Stephanie Jackson

  • "Hi My husband and I came into your shop about 4 weeks ago and bought a Sebo vacuum and I have been meaning for some time to write and tell you how absolutely fantastic it is! I just love it. It works beautifully and does a great job. Especially because we have a dog and she sheds everywhere! I believe we spoke with Mark (I hope that's the right name) and everything he said about the vacuum is true. Thanks so much. Barb"


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