Made in Canada


This "HYBRID" model is perfect for homes with lots of carpets or bare floors!

Can be used with or without disposable bags.

For heavy debris suction or for a high wall mounted installation, and with cleanest of dirt disposal.

This high performance model with a 2-stage motor offers high suction strength so you can vacuum every corner of your house with extra efficiency.

Our unique and exclusive carbon dust filtration system* captures that fine black dust produced by the motor, and usually deposited on surfaces surrounding your vacuum unit. This way, you are sure to breathe easier.

You will benefit from improved ambient air quality and a healthier environment.

Indeed, our HYBRID models are equipped with a HEPA type filter that captures 99.5% of particles at 0.3 �m and that has been provided with an antimicrobial treatment, so as to prevent the growth of mold, bacteria, and fungi that may be associated with allergies.

10 Year warranty.

Recommendations :

  • Type of residence : houses
  • Approximative area* : 929 m2 (10,000 ft2)
  • 65 Decibel
  • 659 AirWatts
  • 135.8 CFM
  • 144.9" Waterlift
  • 13.8 Max Amps
  • HYBRID: Use With or Without disposable bags
  • 5 Gallon / 22 Litre Bag Capacity
  • 40 inch H x 14.1 Inch W
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