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C1 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum

Pet owners, rejoice. The Miele Classic C1 Cat & Dog full-sized canister vacuum makes light work out of cleaning carpets and floors, picking up dust, dirt and pet hair with powerful suction. Its Active AirClean charcoal filter removes odours, while the included PowerHead and smooth floor tools offer greater cleaning versatility.

  • This quiet full-sized canister vacuum with 6-step suction and a 1200W motor is ideal for pet owners, low- and medium-pile carpets, area rugs, and hard floors
  • The SEB 217-3 PowerHead tool is ideal for all carpet types, offering edge-to-edge cleaning with an 11.25" wide path
  • The SBB 235-3 smooth floor tool is ideal for smooth, tiled, or textured floors, using soft runners to glide over the surface and remove dirt and dust from gaps and grooves
  • The AirClean System filters out 99.9% of fine dust thanks to the AirClean DustBag, a motor protection filter, and a Miele exhaust filter, and refreshes the air as you vacuum
  • The AirClean filter offers outstanding filtration performance
  • The Active AirClean filter contains a special layer of active charcoal to help eliminate odours, making it ideal for pet owners and smokers
  • The 4.5L G/N 3D AirClean DustBag features 9 layers of protection to trap 99.9% of dirt, dust and allergens
  • The tear-resistant dustbag inflates for maximum capacity usage, and features a self-locking collar to prevent the debris inside from escaping
  • The lightweight compact design makes the vacuum easy to move around and store in small spaces
  • Use the 6-step rotary dial to control the vacuum's 6 settings: curtains and lightweight fabrics; upholstery and cushions; thick-pile carpets, rugs, and runners; energy-saving and daily vacuuming with low noise level; low-pile carpets; as well as hard flooring and intensive cleaning of carpets
  • The vacuum has an operating radius of 9m (29.53')
  • The Comfort handle features a swivel connector to reduce strain on wrists for convenient, ergonomic cleaning
  • The electro-telescopic stainless steel wand is adjustable in height to keep you comfortable
  • Standard cable rewind automatically rewinds the power cord with the push of a button
  • The dustbag replacement indicator tells you when the dustbag needs changing
  • The Park system lets you place the wand and floor brush on the vacuum cleaner for easy accessibility when you're taking a quick break from cleaning
  • The included upholstery nozzle is ideal for vacuuming furniture and other upholstery
  • The included crevice nozzle is great for cleaning hard-to-reach corners and crevices
  • The included dusting brush adapts to different surfaces, making it great for dusting furniture and other sensitive pieces around the home
  • The accessory Vario-Clip lets you store vacuum accessories on a clip so they're easily accessible
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