Sebo Dart Vacuum Cleaner

The SEBO Dart brings all the flexibility of a canister vacuum in the convenience of an upright style. With its ability to swiftly morph into a hand-held vac, this powerhouse is the perfect partner to help keep your home dust and dirt free. Inside the smart blue and white styling lies SEBO�s well-known three step, S-Class hospital grade filtration system so not only are surfaces kept ship-shape, but even your indoor air is fresh and clean.

Power to Spare

1300 watts of cleaning power are at your disposal from Dart�s German-engineered, high-end quality motor. The Dart is equipped with the ET-1 power head, excellent for deep carpet cleaning, gathering even pet hair and dander. A manual brushroll on/off switch is operated by a single tap of your toe on the power head for areas requiring straight-suction vacuuming.

The distinctive L-shape of the power head makes it unbeatable for reaching places other vacuums can�t, like underneath the edges of cabinets and solid furniture. Boasting superior edge-cleaning and a-flat-to-the-floor, 6-inch profile, there isn�t anywhere the Dart won�t reach.

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