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Hayden SuperVac 60 with PN11 Carpet & Bare Floor Pkg

Hayden is a renowned brand in the central vacuum industry for more than three decades. Hayden products have recognition with many central vacuum specialists in several regions of North America. Always associated with industry experts, the brand is a guarantee of quality and performance to their customers.

  • A central vacuum is more powerful than a traditional canister vacuum and make the cleaning of a house much quicker with only a single hose, no unit to drag behind.
  • Since itís customary to install a Hayden central vacuum in a remote location, its use is very quiet and eliminates dust and allergens out of the everyday living spaces.
  • With a pipe system hidden inside the walls, the central vacuum remove the dust and traps it in its filtering system, providing a better air quality.
  • The addition of a central vacuum system in a house is a long-term investment and ensure an added value to the building.
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