BEAM Model SC325A With Rug & Floor Pkg

With a new more powerful higher-efficiency motor, new HEPA CleanStreamTM Filtration System, exclusive patented Quiet PakTM sound insulation and patented Sound OffTM muffler, Serenity Quiet Series models assure you the ultimate in quiet, lasting cleaning performance. The Serenity Plus compact unit is ideal when space is at a premium. You’ll find this unit extra quiet with the muffler feature. This is up to five times more powerful than most upright vacuums and adds value to your home.

  • 550 Air Watts
  • Operating Amps 12.4
  • 15 Ltr Dirt Receptacle
  • Suitable For Small To Mid-Size Homes
  • 11" Diameter X 35" High
  • Serenity Muffler & Internal
  • Sound Suppression System
  • Utility Inlet On Unit

10 Yr Limited Warranty

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